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Project Details

Client: Ressurectz

Date: 09/20/2016


The Ressurectz project is a duo of Dutch Dj's/Producers, this promotional visual was created to promote the artists on their social channels.

Used both for the main social media and as a basis for video previews of the outgoing releases, it was conceived starting from the idea conveyed by the name itself, that is to resurrect, resurrection. Connecting the idea of resurrection to the classic image of the phoenix returning from its ashes, I composed the photo of the artists in a factory destroyed by flames, and then moved on to adding the various fundamental elements such as the flames, the various plays of lights and shadows to blend everything in the best possible way and conclude everything with various adjustments such as the distortion effect created by the heat of the flames themselves, various corrections and final coloring, which obviously could not fail to recall the strong warm colors of the fire.

Find out more about the creative process of this visual in the #ArtworkBreakdown video below.